Below are some of the most crucial elements of your wedding day.
These are some of the key areas that can make or break a celebration ! 

The decorations and all the pretty things you spent your valuable time and money on WON’T MEAN A THING if your guests have a terrible experience and leave early ! 

Remember, the reception is a celebration you have thrown for your all your guests
thanking them for attending your wedding !


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Most Requested Songs

The top 200 most requested songs for events from the previous year. It also gives you the top requested wedding formalities plus songs by the decades. Remember, these are not current billboard charts they are actual requests by clients just like you !

Spotify Play Lists

These Spotify lists are great resources to help you plan the perfect prelude, cocktail, and dinner at your event.


Sample TIMELINES that make the MOST of YOUR time and resoURCES

All the pretty things you spent your valuable time and hard earned money on WON’T MEAN A THING if your guests have a terrible experience and leave early !

Before You Start

Getting the most out your wedding timeline is important. It’s easy to think you can do it all in 4-5 hours. These tips will help you see where you can save time so you can actually enjoy your wedding !

Ceremony Flow

Most ceremonies have a similar flow. Only difference is if you decide to do an activity such as a candle lighting or sand ceremony type ritual. Some advice though, if you are doing a candle lighting activity outside it usually doesn’t work due to the wind.


DISCLAIMER – I DO NOT include things like hair and makeup or anything “pre” wedding in here other than guest arrival music so you will have to arrange all that separately.

Reception I

Reception 1 has the Grand Entrance right into the First Dance.

Pros: You get your first dance over with early while guests are paying attention and are focused on you. Makes for a great background photo without food on the tables or people walking around.

Cons: There are more activities after dinner that may delay dance time.

Reception II

We go immediately from 1st Dance right into Parent Dances.

Pros: You get those formalities over with early plus it takes a little pressure off Mom and Dad so they can enjoy the rest of the evening.

Cons: It pushes back dinner a few minutes so if you have a late dinner then I would do these afterwards so people can eat.

Reception III

All special dances are moved to after speeches and cake cutting.

Pros: It lets you get right into dinner. Great for those that may not serve appetizers or have a later ceremony.

Cons: There is a lot to do during the latter part of dinner. People may get bored if there are tons of formalities during this time. Not recommended for those who want to get the dance floor open as soon as possible.

Reception IV – No Formal Dinner

For those that want to get the party started early or have a short window to squeeze everything into. Basically, after the ceremony, the buffet and bar (if applicable) are open and ready to serve.

Pros: Guests can get beverages and eat at their leisure. The music is going and it’s a very upbeat vibe. Dance floor opens earlier and you don’t have to pay for appetizers.

Cons: Some people may expect a formal sit-down dinner.

Reverse Wedding – Reception then Ceremony

Imagine a super hot day, or a big rainstorm coming in and you don’t want you or your guests to be hot or wet. You could do your wedding in reverse ! Start off with cocktails and dinner, do your formalities, mingle, maybe dance a little then go freshen up for an evening sunset ceremony. Afterwards you can have your after party in the venue !

Pros: Your guests don’t have to sit in the hot sun or rain and they get to see all the formalities without staying out late. Elder folks and children can leave without missing anything.

Cons: It is unconventional and some people may find it untraditional and feel the ceremony should always come before the party. But hey, it’s your day !



A few of our favorites when it comes to planning and coordinating.
​Everyone on this list is awesome to work with and can help you plan or coordinate the wedding of your dreams!
FYI – This list is in alphabetical order by last names not ranking.


Jade Goss – Give Co. Events
Khloe Jackson – Wildflower Wedding Planning
Jessie Loga – Loga Weddings
Lenzie Mabe – Sparkles and Bubbly Events
Amy Marcus – Perfectly Planned By Amy
Casey Reese – Soirées 
Rebecah Taylor – Love Birds Planning
Shaun Teague – Cue The Champagne
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